Reducing Your Plumbing Repair and Maintenance CostsReducing Your Plumbing Repair and Maintenance Costs

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Reducing Your Plumbing Repair and Maintenance Costs

Working with plumbers is a necessity as a homeowner, whether for regular maintenance purposes or to make a repair when needed. But you do have some control over how much reliance you’ll have for plumber services over the years. For example, having your plumber weatherize your exposed pipes during a maintenance appointment can save you literally hundreds of dollars on repairs throughout the winter months. Finding ways to decrease your water usage is another great way to avoid the need for costly plumbing repairs because you’ll put less wear and tear on the plumbing system overall. On this website, you can expect to learn more about protecting your plumbing and keeping your maintenance and repair expenses down.

When You Should Call a Plumber

It seems that the only time that you may think to call the plumber is when something really bad happens to your plumbing system. The truth is that, when problems are caught early, they are usually easier to fix and, therefore, cost much less. It can be hard to know when you should call a plumber, and so this article is going to go over a few different scenarios. Keep in mind these are just a few of the reasons to call, and in no way is this a comprehensive list. However, these are common plumbing problems.

Water Hammer 

If you ever turn on your water and you hear a thumping sound, it is time to call a plumber. This is often called water hammer, and can cause a great deal of damage. It can occur when air gets caught in the pipes or when a valve shuts suddenly. Either form of water hammer can cause a lot of noise, but more importantly, it can actually cause your pipes to collapse. When you hear water hammer, do not hesitate to call a plumber so they can come and fix the problem before it escalates. 


There are many people that do not think before they put a substance down their toilet or drain. A toilet is only supposed to have sewage go down, while a sink is only meant for water and soap. If you ever have a clog, be weary of putting down a acidic liquid. The liquid will kill a lot of the bacteria in your septic system. If the bacteria are killed, then your system will not operate properly. Instead use a pipe snake to clear the clog. However, there are times when you will not be able to get the clog out on your own, and this is when you should call a plumber. A plumber will be able to find the clog and get rid of it efficiently. 


If you notice that you have water where it should not be, call a plumber at once. There are many different causes of pipes leaking, but a plumber will be able to use a video camera on a cable to find the problem, and then they will be able to get at it and fix it. If you wait too long, then you may find that you have a lot of water damage. 

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