Reducing Your Plumbing Repair and Maintenance CostsReducing Your Plumbing Repair and Maintenance Costs

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Reducing Your Plumbing Repair and Maintenance Costs

Working with plumbers is a necessity as a homeowner, whether for regular maintenance purposes or to make a repair when needed. But you do have some control over how much reliance you’ll have for plumber services over the years. For example, having your plumber weatherize your exposed pipes during a maintenance appointment can save you literally hundreds of dollars on repairs throughout the winter months. Finding ways to decrease your water usage is another great way to avoid the need for costly plumbing repairs because you’ll put less wear and tear on the plumbing system overall. On this website, you can expect to learn more about protecting your plumbing and keeping your maintenance and repair expenses down.

3 Reasons To Consider A Mini-Split Air Conditioner

Mini-split air conditioners are commonly installed in homes without existing ductwork as an alternative to central air conditioning. However, you may want to consider a mini-split system if you are replacing your air conditioner, even if your home has ductwork. Here are three advantages of mini-split air conditioners that make them a valid option for any home.

Room-by-Room Cooling

Have you ever thought about how many rooms your central air conditioner cools while they aren't being used? If there are several people in your home, this may be a moot point. On the other hand, if you and your family spend most of your time in only a few rooms, you would likely save on cooling costs if you could air condition only the rooms that were being used.

Zone-cooling, or room-by-room cooling, is a possibility with mini-split air conditioners. With this system, each room that will be cooled is equipped with its own indoor air handler and thermostat. This will allow you to cool only the rooms that are occupied, while the air handlers are turned off in unused rooms.

While you may think you can achieve a similar effect by closing the vents in unused rooms with a central air conditioner, you would still be using the same amount of energy as you would be if all the vents were open. Additionally, central air conditioners are configured to deliver air evenly to every room in your home. Closing too many vents can increase air pressure in your home's ductwork, potentially causing duct leaks and reducing efficiency by forcing your air conditioner to work harder.

Near-Silent Operation

If you are interested in single-room cooling but currently have a central air conditioner, you may have installed window air conditioners in one or more rooms as an alternative. While this is effective, some people find the noise of a window air conditioner to be distracting. This can be especially problematic if you are interested in cooling a bedroom or working with the air conditioner running in a home office.

Unlike other air conditioning systems, mini-split air conditioners run almost silently. The compressor and blower motor, the two loudest components, are both installed outdoors where they are very hard to hear for people inside the home. Mini-split systems transfer air into a house using thin copper or PVC tubes that are much quieter than conventional ducts.

Attractive and Discreet Indoor Units

Some homeowners forgo installing a window air conditioner because they feel that it will disrupt their home's interior design. The indoor air handlers that are used with mini-split systems are smaller than most air conditioners, and they can be installed in a wide variety of places. Air handlers are also available in a range of colors, so they will fit right in with any design style if you choose the right model and install it in a discreet location.

The three most common varieties of mini-split air handlers are wall-mounted, floor-standing, and ceiling-hung. This means that you can place an air handler in the part of a room where it is needed most. Proper placement can turn even the stuffiest rooms into a comfortable and energy-efficient place to relax.

Mini-split air conditioners come with several advantages over traditional window units and central air conditioners. Whether you live in a large home and are interested in zone-cooling capability, or a small home or apartment and are looking for a quieter cooling solution, mini-split air conditioners have something to offer. Keep the benefits of mini-split air conditioners in mind when you are buying a new HVAC system so you can find the cooling solution that will best suit your needs. Contact an HVAC service company for more information.